You Can Actually Have A Conversation With Your Cat Now Using This New Talking Cat Collar

Anyone who has a pet cat knows that their ever expanding vocabulary of meows and growls knows no bounds. Every day when we see our cats, they have an endless amount of things to say to us, and it is spoken in one of the most eloquent languages known to the entire animal kingdom. We hear meows, growls, purring, hissing, and so many other strange and interesting sounds. While we may never know for sure what our cats are saying it is true that they are constantly finding new and better ways to communicate and get their point across to their human counterparts.

Well, it turns out that the grand dream of being able to speak directly with and understand the language of our cats is finally here. There is an incredible new technology that scientists have only just now been able to unlock the full potential of. We have finally cracked the code of the many nuanced and subtle meows of the elegant housecat, and now we can finally hear the complex language of the cat translated into our more simple and easy English.

This incredible and revolutionary device is called the “Catterbox”, and it is changing the way that pet owners across the world are speaking with their cats. The cat simply wears the Catterbox around its neck like a collar. All meows, growls, and other sounds are sent into the device. A complex series of language algorithms computes the translation from cat language into English, and then an English translation is projected out of the device. This is truly an incredible invention that will change the way cats and their owners interact forever. See for yourselves this incredible new invention. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this was as fantastic as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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