How Can We Get Back To Grandma’s Way of Cooking-Home Cooking?

So many things have changed since we were growing up. Back then, they would have made whatever they could from scratch because it was cheaper and it just tasted better. And, if the ingredients were too exotic or expensive then it didn’t get made.

There was also this feeling of self-reliance, of knowing how to make and do or at least of being willing to try, that we lose when we buy everything already made for us.

We have more and more convenience foods now. But, are we buying things pre-made that are not that hard to make ourselves? Is the hassle of making it yourself worth the end-result?

Certainly our standards have changed for what constitutes a reasonable amount of work in the kitchen. And, we’ve moved to broader tastes, yet we produce less of these delights in our homes.

We decided to take a look at how cooking today stands up to cooking in the past to get a little bit closer to the way Mom and Grandma would have done things.

So many items that we rarely make from scratch these days used to be in regular production. Our mothers and grandmothers made their own bread, butter, yogurt, and sometimes even cheese.

Homemade juice and hot cocoa were not uncommonly made at home. It’s not that they were rolling in these treats, it’s just that buying them from the grocery store wasn’t always the first thought that came to them. Even condiments were sometimes made at home, like mayonnaise and catsup.

What do you think of making things from scratch at home instead of buying everything from the store? Is it something that you are willing to try? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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