Merry Christmas to our Veterans. We Salute You.

This short commercial is for Food City, a grocery chain that many people wouldn’t have heard of. They do know how to hire people to make memorable videos, thoughS Far from a low-budget affair where you see the owner, clearly reading cue cards, yelling awkwardly at a camera. No, this is something quite unique.

It starts off with a older military veteran in his room, reminiscing. He then dons his former military attire and makes his way down the stairs as family members are gathering outside of a picnic. As he comes outside, a taxi pulls up to the house and out comes a current soldier, who starts walking towards the house. The two stop in front of each other, with the younger soldier’s mother watching this. It ends with the veteran barking something inaudible and the younger soldier drops and gives him 20 push-ups. No, just kidding. The veteran snaps off a sharp salute to the younger one and has it returned. They hug. No words were spoken.

This is clearly a holiday commercial, probably geared towards the Fourth of July , given that people are outside in shorts and t-shirts rather than heavy winter jackets and snow boots. The only signs that this is a commercial for a grocery store is that people come up to the lawn with bags of groceries that bear the Food City logo and then it shows at the end, where a graphic says that they support all who serve for this country.

This video doesn’t beat you over the head with patriotism. No fighter jets fly overhead. There’s no jarring country song playing in the background. A slow piano song is played instead. We’re left to get the symbolism on our own. It’s just a shame that there are no Food City locations near me. I might consider shopping there after seeing that commercial.

Seeing those two different generations of soldiers together was nice, wasn’t it? What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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