Can you skin a watermelon in 10 Seconds? Yes, It’s Possible!

Life is full of people with extraordinary talent. Many of them, use their talent in the workplace. I have seen several videos of people doing their activities at work but at an incredible speed. The other day I saw a competition that was held in Japan. Several people submitted their entries, most of which were women. The contest consisted of counting many bills as fast as possible.

The first contestant was a man. He was probably around 25 years old and worked as a teller at a bank. He says he enjoys his job a lot and started working there when he turned 19 years old. He originally started working there to help pay for school and supplies. He has one minute and about 3 huge stacks of bills to count. Before he starts, he says a short prayer and he is off!

His technique is one that tellers use, he holds the bills with one hand and flips the others with the other hand. He uses all his fingers with such coordination that he counts the bills faster than a machine would. He finishes and counts about 367 bills. He doesn’t know if this will be enough because the other contestants are also very talented.

The next contestant is a woman. She is about 23 years old. She works in her father’s restaurant, and counting bills is just one of her activities. She starts very fast and her technique appears to be flawless. The past competitor looks nervously as the girl goes past what he had counted. When the bell rings, she has counted 558 bills in one minute. Fantastic!

She is crowned the champion and receives a prize. These contests are very common in Asia, but not that common here. We do have the famous pie eating contest in many places, and the winners are turned into instant celebrities, especially with social media. Some of them actually have a couple of Guinness World Records to their name.

Even though these people are fast, they have nothing on the guy in the next video. He works at a food processing plant. They handle all sorts of produce and his job is skinning fruits, namely watermelons. I love watermelon but skinning it is a little bit of a hassle if you don’t have that much practice. This guy takes skinning a watermelon to a whole different level. Click on the video and you will see the fastest watermelon skinner on the planet!