Can You Tell Whether This Is A Deer Or A Rabbit?

We learn to recognize differences by looking at certain patterns. When it comes to animals, there are times where we get confused because they are very similar. Such is the case of the cheetah and the leopard. Can you tell them apart?

We learn to recognize certain patterns when we are little. This helps us determine what we’re looking at. It all starts when we start learning shapes. We start associating squares with things like windows, boxes and many other things. After a while, we get very good at it. Then, we learn one of the most common shapes, the circle. We then associate it with the sun, the moon or people’s faces.

After a while, we start seeing patterns with colors. By the time we’re older, just by mentioning something like an animal’s name, we picture the animal’s color in our minds. For instance, if we mention an elephant, we will think of the color gray. If we say giraffe, we unmistakably think of yellow and black.

Animals possess certain features that make us determine what they are. This happens regardless of the distance we see them. For instance, if we were to make a test where we would try to identify animals by their shape, most of us would do pretty good. There are animals that are easy giveaways. We already mentioned the elephant and the giraffe, but there are others like the owl, the snake, and the bear. It is only when the animals are similar that we have trouble telling them apart. If we were to see the silhouette of a big cat, we wouldn’t really know if it’s a panther, a cougar, or a leopard.

If we got to see their fur, we would have no problem telling them apart. Their colors would help us with this. An antelope and a deer although similar in height, are different in appearance. You wouldn’t have any problem identifying something like a squirrel from something like a crocodile, right? How about telling a leopard from a cheetah? Their coat is almost identical. Could you tell them apart? Most of us would probably not be able to. Unless you are a nature junkie and watch a lot of wildlife shows.

When you see the following animal, you are going to swear that your eyes are playing a trick on you. When I see this animal, I can swear it is a deer. Then I see his head. His head doesn’t look anything like a deer’s. His head looks like a rabbit’s. Don’t you believe me?

Try looking at the animal just focusing on the body. You’re going to swear it’s one kind. Then switch your focus to the animal’s head and you’re going to swear it’s the other one. How can your brain play this type of tricks on you? Go ahead and see for yourself.