She can’t get up the stairs at an old building, then a man pushes a button on the wall

Old World architecture can be wonderful to behold. There are amazing little details like stone stairs worn down by countless footsteps literally over the course of centuries. But for people with mobility issues, any stairs, new or old, can be an insurmountable barrier.

Some countries have decided that society is better off when more people can actively take part. Laws like the Disability Discrimination Act in Britain and the Americans With Disabilities Act in the United States have mandated that certain buildings be made accessible. This represented a real breakthrough for people with disabilities and also for the increasingly large cohort of senior citizens out there. That’s the good news. The bad news is that implementation can sometimes be a real challenge. Adding a wheelchair ramp or elevator can open a building up for everyone but wreak havoc on historic architecture. It’s people versus buildings.

A British company called Allgood has come up with a brilliant solution that takes care of both problems. It’s a win for everyone! Allgood’s invention preserves a building’s architectural integrity while at the same time making it possible for people with mobility issues to enter a building with dignity, through the front door. For the approximately 15% of people who have problems getting around, this is more than just a modern convenience.

In the video we’ve posted below, you can see the Allgood company’s magic stairs in action. A woman in a wheelchair arrives at an old building’s hopelessly antique stone steps. But at the press of a button, she gets where she needs to go and the building still looks great!

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