Capuchin Monkey Gets French Fries To Eat. His Reaction To This Made Me Crack Up Laughing.

Ever get a big serving of your favorite food… and you just don’t want to share? There are some days that I’m like that when I get a pizza pie for my family. I want the biggest slices and will actively check the pie as I’m divvying out the food. “Oh, you want that one? LOOK OVER THERE!” I then shamelessly switch the slices. Hey, pizza is the best food on earth. The animal that’s in this video agrees with my philosophy on food.

The unquestioned star of this video is a capuchin monkey by the name of Boo. His dad has gotten him a bag of fries from a certain fast-food chain that has a red-haired girl as its mascot. This totally makes Boo’s day, since he loves those fries. The daddy tells us that he gets the fries once a week, since they aren’t that healthy to eat every day – just like for humans. Yes, that’s a shocker, I know.

Boo’s reaction when he first runs off with the fries reminded me of Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. It’s just the way that he’s hunched over the fries when he’s in the kitchen and then clambers on top of the refrigerator. His dad keeps reminding him that he doesn’t have to steal the fries – they are his. Oh well… it’s not like you can argue logic with a monkey, right? He eats the fries and that’s all that matters.

This adorable monkey has several other videos on his YouTube channel and I must say that they are well worth watching. I’d say that I wanted a capuchin monkey, but I already have two insane cats and I think they are enough work as it is… So, I’ll live vicariously through these videos. At least with cats, I just have to clean out a litter box, not worry about having its contents thrown at me.

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