After Being In A Car Crash, Her Puppy Ran Away. But Look Who Saved The Day!

Terror struck a woman and her family when she was driving her car on a highway near Phoenix, in the state of Arizona. Her two little dogs were with her in the car, and they unfortunately got into a very rough car crash that made the car flip many times over. Needless to say, it was a very gloomy situation.

None of them were too badly hurt, but the tragedy hadn’t ended yet, as one of the dogs, a small puppy of the adorable Shih-Tzu breed, was so shocked after the crash that he dashed of immediately, away from her car and her owner. Since it was a busy highway, it was very dangerous for the pup to just run around aimlessly, and they needed to get their hands on him as quickly as possible.

Luckily, some police officers quickly came into the scene to assist the woman, and they got in their motorcycles to go after the little pup, so that he didn’t get harmed any further. It’s a very tense and thrilling situation, but thankfully, the ending has a big relief. It’s important to be very careful and prevent accidents like this one, but it’s great to have heroes to watch our backs in case things go terribly wrong.

Watch this incredible puppy rescue in the video right below.

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