Carefree children & little baby want to play with curious otters

Curious otters and kid playing

Kotaro (male) and Hana (female) were small-clawed otters living in Tokyo, Japan, with their caring owner. These two otters were so cute that no one could resist their charms. Recently, the famous otters had a few surprise visitors.

Curious otter

The owner had a friend and his wife and three kids visiting their house. The otters were upstairs in their room when the visitors arrived. However, the curious pets could not stop themselves from coming downstairs.

As soon as Kotaro and Hana came down, they found a little boy, Kohaku, peeping up the stairs. The animals were a bit scared to see a new face staring at them. However, the boy soon returned to the living room.

Curious otter and baby

The pet otters quickly rushed down the stairs, but the boy returned to greet them at the end of the stairs. Soon he started to talk to Kotaro and Hana. The pets followed the little kid, who went straight to where his siblings were sitting.

Kotaro and Hana met the boy’s parents and then met Iroha, a sweet little girl sitting on the couch silently. The otters were super excited to meet the kids, but they were more curious about the baby.

Curious otter and kid playing

The tiny human was also curious about the creatures roaming around the living room. The kids were not scared of the otters and played with Kotaro and Hana’s toys. The baby wanted to play with the pets.

However, Kohaku & Iroha were much more interested in the toys the otters had. With time, the kids relaxed around the pets. However, there was not even a moment Kotaro and Hana were not curious about the little ones visiting their house for the first time.

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