What This Caretaker Does For That This Elephant Is Amazing! What An Incredible Video!

Music is a profound effect on humans. It can change our mood, shape our emotions, even act as event for our frustration. We like to think of ourselves as unique in the animal kingdom, but the truth is we are not so different. Animals love music too.

This video is an excellent example of that fact. Lek, the caretaker, of this elephant named, Faa Mai, sinks of lullabies when the baby elephant is having trouble sleeping. You can see how effective this sweet voice is on the elephant.

This is an incredible video that embodies the power that music has over us. It’s clear that the elephant is comfortable around Lek, and that Lek cares for the elephant very much. Watching this elephant slowly drift off to the land of Nod is a truly beautiful thing to witness.

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