Caring bride surprises groom with colorblind glasses on wedding day

Bride Karli knew she wanted to surprise her new husband with something special on their wedding day. So, when they had their private first look she gave him the gift of color with a pair of Enchroma colorblind glasses.

After they looked at each other during their first look on their wedding day, bride Karli pulled out a surprise for her groom. He knew they were glasses when he saw the case, but what he didn’t know right away was that they were going to help him see differently.

Before he slipped them on, Karli told Ty that they were Enchroma glasses, made to help colorblind people see color. The groom instantly started crying as he opened the case and pulled the glasses out. As he placed the frames on his face, he was shocked at the difference.

“Are you serious?” he asked. “You guys can see this every day?” At this point, the bride starts crying, too. Ty said he would have to relearn all of his colors with these glasses since everything looked so different to him. He kept sliding the glasses on and off to compare.

The groom was delighted by everything he could see around him. He described the colors in the bride’s bouquet, was shocked at the transformation of the venue’s barn, and even was shocked at the tones in his own skin.

“These glasses didn’t change you, though,” he told his bride. “You still look just as great.” She couldn’t help but to smile and laugh constantly as she watched him explore.

Caring bride surprises groom with colorblind glasses on wedding day