Caring Cat Offers Snuggles and Meows Softly to Comfort Wailing Baby

There are fewer heartbreaking things than seeing a baby cry. You just want to comfort them and try to make them happy. There’s a list of things that can happen – you can change a diaper, you can burp them, you can feed them, you can rock them… but none of those things may work. This video shows one option for one family. If their baby boy is crying… they send in… dramatic pause… the cat.

We see a crying baby boy laying on a bed. His sister is holding a cat nearby and she lets the cat go. The kitty immediately jumps on the bed and starts doing her best to comfort this little guy. He’s having none of it early on, but she curls up next to his head and rests her head next to his. This is a very maternal cat and she’s doing her utmost to stop this little guy’s wailing. Eventually, he does seem to calm down.

It’s so great to see this cat curling up next to her brother to soothe him. Perhaps her purring and the vibrations of it are also what helps calm him down. This is a sweet scene, though it scared me for a second when her paw accidentally covered his mouth for less than a second. That could be VERY dangerous. Of course, the baby’s mommy and sister were right there in the room, so it’s not like he was left alone.

When the cat curls up with the baby, at certain angles, she looks a lot smaller than he is. Maybe this is intentional on the kitty’s part, since she doesn’t want the baby to feel like there’s a giant presence lurking around her. My male cat, who has grown up with my son, will still seek him out if he hears him crying and will rub up against him. The urge to help a crying child resides in a lot of animals.

Has your cat done something like this with your child? Please tell us your stories in the comments section!

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