Caring customer helps server get off the streets with homeless children

This holiday tale has a happy ending that lifts the human spirit! A regular customer of Dunkin’ Donuts, Suzanne Burke, was passing through the drive-thru as usual when she noticed her regular server, Ebony Johnson, wasn’t there.

Ebony is 33-years-old and has been working at Dunkin’ for about three years. Over that time, Suzanne and Ebony struck up a friendship through countless coffee orders.

Suzanne noticed Ebony was missing for about two weeks. When Ebony returned to work, Suzanne inquired if everything was alright, and Ebony told her a sad story about the family’s current situation.

Ebony had taken off for a few weeks to find a place to live with her kids since they were recently evicted. She became homeless with her children, and the stress was so much that it made Ebony want to give up.

Suzanne left a note for Ebony asking her if she needed help. Ebony decided to accept her offer. Suzanne’s experience in social services led to many connections throughout her career.

Suzanne worked hard for nine months to secure a fully furnished home for Ebony’s family. She partnered with ‘New Life Furniture Bank’ and a staging designer to get Ebony and her children in the house before Christmas.

The children and Ebony were so excited to step into a safe and furnished home, complete with a Christmas tree! It is a wonderful example of kindness and humanity that can inspire all of us!

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