This Caring Dog Wraps The Newborn In The Blanket

Some of us believe that it is no good to bring a baby into a home with a big dog, but as we’ve seen many times before, even big, ‘dangerous’ dogs can be cute, loving and caring when it comes to family members, especially children! And the video below is one more proof that dogs really are man’s best friend.

Having arrived back from the hospital, this newborn’s parents took all the necessary precautions when introduced the child to the dog. But it turned out that they had nothing to worry about.

This wonderful dog seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to this baby! So, he decided to make sure the tiny little one was all cozily tucked in. The ‘nanny-dog’ came up to see whether the child was all snuggled and warm. How cute is that?!

By the end of the video we can see that the baby is all wrapped up in the warm blanket, and the dog walks away knowing that he had his work done! This dog and its little human sibling will definitely be inseparable when they grow up!

Watch this video. Have you ever seen a dog doing something like that? Let us know through your comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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