Until This Caring Vet Came Forth To Save Her, This Horse Was Chained Up For Months

Humans have been living alongside animals of all kinds for as long as they’ve existed. Despite this, though, animal cruelty is still a very big problem all across the world. Even though animals can’t speak our languages, it’s unfair to treat them miserably and cause them suffering. Animals do experience pain, unhappiness, and even depression. It’s important to treat them with respect and try to put a stop to harmful treatment.

Unfortunately, there are some cultures out there in which dogs are tortured and killed for their meat, exotic cats are forced to perform in circuses across the globe, rhinos are killed for their horns, bears are killed for their bile, and elephants are either forced to perform or are killed for their tusks. In some places, such as Romania, horses are tied up to prevent them from escaping their living conditions.

With their front and back legs shackled, these horses are not only unable to move, but they’re in massive amounts of pain due to how tightly they’re chained up. The chains sometimes even dig all the way into horses’ flesh, causing serious injury and trauma. It’s beyond cruel to keep animals locked up in such conditions.
This horse was unable to move due to how tightly chained up he was. Thankfully, a rescuer showed up to the scene in time to save him from his binds. It’s no secret that animals can recognize kind gestures. While the mare being rescued was tranquilized, her foal knew exactly what was happening. Just watch the baby animal’s reaction to being saved. It’s sure to tug at your heartstrings!

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