Carol Burnett has a hilarious breakthrough at Harvey Korman’s psychiatry practice

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ is known for its talented comedy duos. Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett perform a hilarious sketch about a psychiatrist and his patient who share an unexpected past.

Carol Burnett

Burnett’s character has issues with her in-laws, but when her psychiatrist, played by Korman, suggests delving into her past, things get a bit dicey for both of them, to say the least.

Burnett pinpoints the childhood feud which makes her so unwilling to let go of minor offenses. She describes how a “fat, mean bully” took away her favorite pail while playing in the sandbox.

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

Korman recognizes the object in question as Burnett describes her prized possession. He admits that he was the one who took her pail when they were kids.

The pair revert to childish name-calling and foot-stamping antics as the audience roars with laughter at their bickering. Burnett threatens to ruin Korman if he doesn’t return her cherished toy.

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

Reluctantly, he pulls the pail from his desk drawer to give to her, but she claims hers looked differently. Korman hesitantly opens a closet door to reveal a plethora of pilfered pails.

Burnett finds her pail and reacquires her plastic shovel. The audience laughs as Burnett prances off with her long-lost bucket while Korman is left sitting in a sea of colorful children’s toys.

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Carol Burnett has a hilarious breakthrough at Harvey Korman\'s psychiatry practice