Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman’s hilarious drunk sabotage sketch

On ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ Harvey Korman and Carol play the actors Leslie and Linda Amherst in a sketch called ‘Drunk Sabotage.’ Harvey is in a dressing room sporting a mustache and a suit, and his assistant walks in and says he has some bad news.

Harvey says nothing can be bad when Linda Amherst is your show partner. Then, the assistant says she is napping, and Harvey gets frustrated and raises his voice angrily.

The assistant says Linda had one too many martinis, but she’ll be sober after her nap. Harvey hears a knock on the wall and asks who it is. Linda, played by Carol, responds that it’s her, and Harvey looks at his assistant, annoyed, saying, “She missed the door!”

He opens the door, and Carol appears with a big smile. Harvey says she’s been drinking again, and she looks at him and says that’s “Backstage gossip.” Carol falls into his arms, and he catches her, and she laughs and says she isn’t fit to perform.

Carol tries to defend herself but falls back into the hallway, saying, “I have never missed a performance in my life!” Later, the show starts, and the performance begins, and Harvey is on stage.

While Harvey is performing a serious piece about how he will divorce her in the show, Carol comes out. Throughout the show, Carol rolls around on the couch, making funny faces and noises while completely ignoring Harvey.

He says very serious things to her, but she just laughs at him, and he gets visibly annoyed. Harvey says, “I’m leaving, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Carol misses her cue while falling over into the backdrop at the end of this silly sketch.

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Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman\'s hilarious drunk sabotage sketch