Carol Burnett and Mel Torme put a hilarious spin on Broadway’s 42nd Street

The great Broadway musical ’42nd Street’ was not safe from the typical Carol Burnett parody. The sketch ’43rd Street’ starts in a dance studio where Harvey Korman is the choreographer.

A group of ladies tap dance, but he cuts them off and says they did terribly. Harvey tells them the dance has to be perfect because everyone says he is a washed-up director because his last nine shows flopped!

Carol walks in with her friend after the dancers take 10. She thanks her friend for giving her the opportunity to be in the chorus. Carol says her previous experience with singing was in the parlor for her parents, and they walked out in the middle!

She says she needs this job because she hasn’t eaten in 4 days. Harvey gives her a shot and tells her to show him what she’s got. Carol dances for 2 seconds and lets out a dramatic scream.

She begs for one more chance, and Harvey gives it to her. Carol stomps her feet, and Harvey covers his ears, banishing her to the back. Carol thanks him and says he won’t regret it, then she faints on the floor again.

Later in the rehearsal, guest star Mel Torme walks up with a hat rack. Carol asks him what it’s for, and Mel says he is practicing kissing for the show. Mel says it would be great if he had a real girl, and he asks Carol if she could find a real girl for him to kiss.

Then, Mel realizes she’s a girl. He begins to practice and sings to her about how beautiful she is, and she is flattered. Carol hums along with his singing in an obnoxious, hilarious tone. They kiss, and Carol says, “For a big star, you’re really good.” After the lead actress breaks her leg, Carol must save the day by filling in!

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Carol Burnett and Mel Torme put a hilarious spin on Broadway\'s 42nd Street