Carol Burnett and ‘The Family’ visit her little brother in hospital

Carol Burnett and 'The Family'

When you’re in the hospital for any reason, it’s essential to relax, think positive thoughts, and prepare yourself for what’s to come. The last thing a patient needs is to be stressed out or worried.

Carol Burnett

However, when you’re on the Carol Burnett Show, and Eunice, her husband, and Mama come to visit you, you can forget about relaxing. That’s why when the doctor tells Jack his family is there to visit, he begs the doctor to tell them he died.

The doctor laughs him off and invites Eunice and her husband to the hospital room. Eunice, ever over-dramatic, sits with Jack in his bed and reassures him that his big sister is there in his hour of need.

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

Meanwhile, Eunice’s husband is trying not to vomit. Eventually, he rallies, but he tells Jack he better not let too much time go by between seeing his clients, or he’ll lose business. Never mind that Jack’s about to have surgery.

After Eunice lets it slip that Mama’s coming to visit, too, she steals Jack’s tapioca pudding from the hospital tray. She offers it to her husband, who runs to the bathroom to throw up, which Eunice remarks is a good sign.

Carol Burnett and 'The Family'

Finally, Mama enters. She’s immediately upset since she can tell Jack isn’t surprised by her visit. Then she throws her present on the ground when Jack doesn’t understand what it is.

Instead of helping Jack have good thoughts about his upcoming surgery, his family spends their time arguing, insulting each other, and bad-mouthing the doctor. Talk about a dysfunctional family!

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Carol Burnett and \'The Family\' visit her little brother in hospital