Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence vet new boyfriend in hysterical skit

Carol Burnett, Joel Grey, and Vicki Lawrence

For 278 episodes, the cast of ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ delighted audiences all over the country. Burnett’s variety and sketch comedy show were famous for its memorable characters and bizarre situations.

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

In this sketch, “Carol and Sis,” Carol Burnett plays a character aptly named Carol. She and her husband, Roger (played by Harvey Korman), wait with Carol’s sister Chrissy (played by Vicky Lawrence).

Chrissy is nervous. She’s waiting for her date to pick her up, and it’s almost 6:15. However, instead of her sister Carol picking up her dress from the dry cleaners, Carol gave the task to her husband. Chrissy doubts he’ll bring it home in time (or at all).

Carol Burnett and Joel Grey

Chrissy is right. In walks Roger with no dress, but it’s Carol’s fault for not leaving him a note. While Chrissy tries to figure out what to wear, Carol and Roger talk about what her new date might be like. Roger is apparently frustrated that Chrissy lives with them and reminds his wife he’s happy to pay for her sister to get married (up to $20,000)!

When her date, Gary (played by Joel Grey), does arrive, it’s clear that he may not be the best match for Chrissy. He enters wearing a sparkly jean jacket and a pink button-down shirt. He’s chewing gum and slaps the small bouquet he’s brought for Chrissy into Roger’s hands.

Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Joel Grey

Gary acts strangely as he inappropriately hits Carol and fawns all over Chrissy in the living room when she comes out. Carol is only too happy to get a call from Gary’s mother, telling her that her son needs to take his allergy pill.

When Chrissy tells Gary she didn’t know he was allergic to anything, he replies. “I’m not. My mom just says eight allergy pills a day will keep you from sneezing your life away.” The comedy continues, and Roger can easily see this is not the man who will take Chrissy out of his home. Watch this sketch to enjoy four comedic actors in their element.

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Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence vet new boyfriend in hysterical skit