Carol Burnett & Bob Newhart speak up for senior pets

Comedians Carol Burnett, Bob Newhard, and others speak up in defense of older pets.

The Grey Muzzle Organization is an animal welfare organization that works with rescue shelters to make sure that older pets have a forever home in the twilight of their life.

“Many older dogs are surrendered to shelters because their owners have passed away or couldn’t afford their care,” said Carol Burnett during a recent PSA for the Grey Muzzle Organization. She teamed up with 3 other comedy legends to raise awareness for the issue.

Together, Burnett, Bob Newhart, Carl Reiner, and Lily Tomlin discuss what some of the best things about growing older are. They go over getting into movies cheaper, wisdom, and the fact that growing old doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

It’s a great PSA for dogs that often have no other options. These pets deserve as much love at the end of their lives as they do at the beginning, and too often their care is too expensive.

That’s why the Grey Muzzle Organization works with rescues to bring these dogs some comfort. Carol Burnett knows what it’s all about, and how important it is for these pets to feel calm and loved during their last years with us.

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