Laughter ensues as Carol Burnett is hypnotized into seeing every man as handsome

On Season 2, Episode 18 of ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ Carol gets hypnotized! Carol gets home from a charity auction and is congratulated by Vicki Lawrence, who says Carol was so nice for letting someone hypnotize her. The hypnotists said ‘February,’ and Carol would think any man he pointed to was the most attractive man in the world.

Then, Carol’s husband comes home, and they start talking about his job, and he says he needs to get some files done because their past due, and it’s already the middle of February. ‘February’ is Carol’s trigger word, and immediately she falls on the couch, looks at him, and says, “You sure are one hunk of a man, and you have adorable ears.”

Carol tries to kiss him, and he gets annoyed with her and asks if she’d been watching foreign movies again on TV. She keeps complimenting him, and he keeps pushing her away because he needs to focus on work.

Harvey’s associate walks in the door, played by Ken Berry, and they begin to discuss paperwork. Carol returns with the coffee and asks if her sitting in the living room would bother their work.

Harvey goes to grab his coffee while Ken says it’s no problem, and he explains how he is the busiest in February. Carol raises her eyebrow, looks at him intently, and sensually says, “Hi there.”

Harvey comes down in time before anything happens, and they talk business. Later, he returns to get papers from his room, and Carol starts leaning on Ken and telling him he looks so handsome. He says it’s probably because of his aftershave look.

Ken keeps trying to back away and says he shouldn’t have quit karate. Then, he yells at her in desperation and jumps over the stairway. Ken runs to the door and says he has to go home and feed his chicken. ‘Chicken’ is Carol’s trigger word to get her out of hypnosis, and Carol and Harvey stare at the door, confused as the sketch ends.

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Laughter ensues as Carol Burnett is hypnotized into seeing every man as handsome