Carol Burnett Laugh-Out-Loud Interview as King Kong’s Wife

Who would have thought that behind the fearsome façade of King Kong, there lies a story so heartwarmingly hilarious that it could only be valid in Hollywood? Well, strap in because Host Harvey (played by Harvey Korman) of the interview program VIP has scooped up the story of the century.

This hilarious sketch from season 4, episode 7 of The Carol Burnett Show has Mrs. Kong (Carol Burnett), a lady whose charm is as gigantic as her famed husband. On a breezy New York evening, Mrs. Kong sits on her terrace for her interview with the famous host. Celebrating 35 years of marriage to the King of the Jungle, she’s ready to spill the beans.

“You’ve hit the 35-year mark,” Harvey starts, barely concealing his awe. Mrs. Kong, with a twinkle in her eye, confesses, “Never saw it coming.” The conversation takes a playful turn. What’s the traditional gift for 35 years? Without missing a beat, Mrs. Kong declares, “Fur, it was always fur.”

The host now changes the question and wants to know about their ritzy New York abode? “This must cost a fortune,” Harvey probes. Mrs. Kong nonchalantly reveals, “$15,000. But who’s brave enough to ask King Kong for rent?” Touché, Mrs. Kong!

Suddenly, the terrace shakes. Harvey asks Mrs. Kong, Is that the mighty Kong himself? “It’s certainly not Mickey Rooney,” Mrs. Kong jests, her humor as towering as her spouse. But what’s life like for a retired celebrity giantess? Reading, a nip of brandy, and a knitting project that’s been 15 years in the making. Now, that’s a sweater we’d love to see!

When asked if Mr. Kong misses the movies? Apparently not. “Typecast,” Mrs. Kong explains. “My hubby had enough of Hollywood.” However, he is interested in politics. When the host asks if Mrs. Kong feels her husband can win, “Who would dare run against him?” Mrs. Kong chuckles. Point taken!

Suddenly, there is an unmistakable thud of a legend arriving. Mrs. Kong excuses herself with elegance. However, we now have a tale as extraordinary as it is delightful. So, there you have it. Next time you gaze at the New York skyline, remember the Kongs.

Their sketch is a testament to the wild, wonderful, and whimsical side of love. Share this video clip with friends and family because laughter, like love, is best when it’s shared – and who knows, it might just bring back a whiff of that nostalgia.

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Carol Burnett Laugh-Out-Loud Interview as King Kong\'s Wife