Carol gets a surprise from her high school sweetheart and it’s the funniest thing

In this hilarious sketch, Carol’s old flame has only one thing on his mind—and it’s not what you think!

Who can forget the boisterous and zany sketches from The Carol Burnett Show, a glittering part of TV’s golden age?  Did you and yours gather round the TV every Saturday night throughout the ‘70s to laugh till you dropped?

In this sketch, Carol’s getting dressed to the nines for a big date while her “sister,” played as always by the inimitable Vicki Lawrence, lightheartedly mocks her for making such a big deal about her reunion with an old flame. The lucky man is her high school sweetheart, a handsome football star.

When the front door opens, it’s not the big man on campus, but Harvey Korman playing her annoyed husband, jealous that she’s invited her old boyfriend over for dinner without giving him any advance warning.

If you remember the show, you won’t have to guess which cast regular plays Mr. Handsome. It’s none other than Lyle Waggoner, still as good-looking as ever.

That’s where things take a zany turn for the worst for poor Carol.  First, Lyle hits on younger sister Vicki, much to Carol’s chagrin.  And you’ll laugh your head off when grey old Harvey tries to out-macho the dashing Lyle.

The hysterical twists and turns aren’t over yet. Just wait until you find out the real reason Lyle dropped by for a visit.  You won’t see it coming and it’ll leave you in stitches.

Here’s another teaser for you: this is one of the few Carol Burnett sketches to have a happy, heartwarming ending. And the entire set remains intact instead of being knocked to pieces by the cast’s usual slapstick antics.  Indeed, this sketch is pure gold for more reasons than one.

“Wow, the first one with basically a happy ending for both of them,” wrote one astute fan of Carol and Harvey’s big finish.

“Still love Sis’s ‘Bug off, Pops.’” Learn this line well, ladies!” wrote another wise old viewer about Vicki Lawrence’s one-liner.  “Older men hate to be thought of as grandpa by women, especially when they’re trying to get with one.”

Get ready to relive the good old days with Carol and the gang by clicking the video below. Then be sure to share it with a friend.  Sis-boom-bah!