Carol Burnett Reveals the Hilarious Truth about All Husbands

We all have sweet memories of The Carol Burnett Show, right? The episode from Season 3, Episode 8, starring Carol Burnett, Dick Martin, and Dan Rowan, is certainly one for the books.

The scene begins with Carol Burnett, playing Stella, waiting for her husband, Henry, portrayed by Dick Martin. He arrives and, hilariously, calls his wife ‘Helen’ rather than ‘Stella’. He simply can’t remember names, even his wife’s!

Stella reminds Henry that he forgot to come home for lunch. When he shrugs it off, she brings up their kids. Henry thinks they have two kids, but Stella corrects him – they have three. The audience loved the husband’s cheeky response: “Well, three if you want to quibble.”

Stella points out Henry’s memory problem, and Henry admits he went to a memory lecture on Monday. Stella reminded him that it was a Tuesday. She adds that he forgot to come home that night, which was meant to improve his memory!

Adding to the laughter, Stella mentions it’s their anniversary. Henry tries to wish her, but he’s off by five years! He also mixes up their children’s genders, adding to the list of things he can’t remember correctly. Despite Stella’s correction, he can’t seem to get it right.

Stella worries about Henry’s sister, Alice, coming to pick them up for dinner. She wants to keep Henry’s forgetfulness a secret. So, she carefully explains everything to him and even uses sign language to help him remember. His silly responses, like referring to Alice as a ‘stretchy person’, only add to the fun.

When we think it can’t get any funnier, Henry forgets his name and starts calling himself Percy. We’re in stitches when Dan Rowan, playing Henry’s brother, walks in. He greets the couple as Percy and Helen and even gets the anniversary year wrong. Not only does he also mix up the number of kids, he also mixes their genders! Giving the end of the skit a brilliant twist.

All these mix-ups and confusion make this Carol Burnett skit an unforgettable one. Watching Carol Burnett, Dick Martin, and Dan Rowan get tangled in this hilarious story is pure comedy gold. The magic of “The Carol Burnett Show” lives on, reminding us of all the laughs we shared back then. What a fun trip down memory lane!

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Carol Burnett Reveals the Hilarious Truth about All Husbands