Carol Burnett shines as a relatable bar fly

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ featured a sketch called ‘Depressed Bar Fly.’ Carol stumbles into a bar and sits at the counter. She asks for a drink and then takes a sip as Harvey Korman stares at her.

Carol is drunk and starts crying and blowing her nose loudly. Carol catches Harvey looking at her and says, “What’s that look supposed to mean?” Harvey is confused, and they fight for a few minutes.

Finally, Carol asks, “Is this a pickup?” He says no, and Carol is relieved. Then, Carol grabs a seat next to Harvey and tells him she is happy because she just got out of a serious love affair.

Carol explains that she is not ready emotionally to have another relationship. She says, “I’m just not emotionally equipped, that’s all.” Then she starts crying, and Harvey looks around awkwardly.

Harvey tries to leave, but Carol won’t let him go, grabbing his arm and saying, “Stop.” He says they will have fun, and she thinks he should buy the next round of drinks, and Harvey looks annoyed.

Carol says, “Yeah, I know we started off on the wrong foot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be pals.” Carol holds out her hand to shake Harvey’s but he is disgusted. Then, he Chuckles and shakes her hands. They get their drinks, and Harvey asks if she’s feeling better, and she breaks out in tears again, laying her head on the table.

Later, Carol asks if Harvey wants to hear a happy story. Carol says, “Well, I don’t have any because I’m not a happy person.” Carol realizes she has feelings for Harvey, and she asks if he is in a relationship, and he says he has a wife. Carol looks at Harvey disgustedly and asks why he has been hitting on her all night!

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Carol Burnett shines as a relatable bar fly