The Carol Burnett Show Blooper Reel. We Didn’t Think There Were Any Left, But The Internet Has Found Them!

When it comes to television there are literally thousands of shows to choose from. Nowadays you can pick anything you want to watch and watch it at pretty much any time. The number of shows that are offered to you to watch at any point in time is astounding and yet there are still times that we want to go back and watch all of the classics.

Now we all have certain shows that are our favorites that we are dedicated too and watch every single episode both new and old many times. But sometimes we just want to watch a show that was on when we were little. Or a show that was on back in the 1960’s that isn’t available for us to watch anymore. Those shows are what really made television what it is today. Without the shows being the building blocks we wouldn’t have some of the classics that we still know and love today.

One of those shows Is The Carol Burnett Show. This show was a huge hit and was considered one of the big time shows back in its day. This show was so popular that even today, all these years later, the younger generation still have heard of it and know of its existence. It is from this show that many other shows actually got their ideas and show set up.

Well this featured video is some lost footage from The Carol Burnett Show but the best part is that it is from the bloopers reel. You will not believe how hilarious this scene is until you see Tim Conway keep a straight face while he tells a ridiculous story. We promise that you won’t regret watching this clip of this iconic TV show that is still seen as one of the greatest there ever was.

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