This is such a simple Carol Burnett skit, yet it’s funny as heck!

Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

A video from The Carol Burnett Show is showing is the other side of bar table confessions. Generally, a barman is a patient listener who provides the ideal environment for people to out their sorrows. But what if that is not the case?

This hilarious video shows a distraught woman, played by Carol Burnett, entering a bar for one last drink of the night. The barman, played by Harvey Korman, is the only person left in the bar.

The lady is clearly in a bad emotional state and asks for a drink from the barman. The barman offers Jack Daniels, but he is turned down. ‘I don’t want anything with a man’s name on it,’ and that’s when he realizes that is bothering her.

Carol Burnett

She continues to pour her heart out, but the barman makes snarky comments in between. ‘We have been going around for a couple of years now.’ She explains before he interrupts with:’ Going around, huh? Where did you meet? A revolving door?’

The barman continues to tell awkward jokes until the woman finally breaks down and attacks him for being rude and not attending to her emotional needs. That’s when we learn of the barman’s problems.

The clip does not only contain funny dialogue, but it also showcases the actors acting talents. Janine Ferris wrote online: ‘Clever creative writing not offensive or tearing down somebody but relatable and highly talented.’

This video teaches a vital lesson about consideration and taking different roles in life. But if it is not life lessons you are after, you would still be treated to an excellent old giggling session when you watch this video.

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