Carol Burnett’s Behind-the-Scenes Commercial Blunders Unveiled

So, you think shooting a 45-second commercial is a walk in the park? Think again! Lyle Waggoner gives us the inside scoop, and trust us, it’s not as easy (or composed) as it seems. Let’s rewind and dive into the most hilarious skit about TV commercial bloopers on ‘The Carol Burnett Show’.

First up, in the video clip is Vicki Lawrence with the camera advert suggesting it is so easy to use this latest invention. She waits for the beep to signal when it’s ready to click the picture. But… that beep? Seemingly the most elusive sound in the history of television. Poor Vicki; sometimes technical invention is really not for everyone.

Then there’s Carol Burnett, climbing high atop a ladder, eloquently showcasing that fresh orange juice straight from Florida’s Sunshine Tree. Poised and perfect, until – bam! Down goes the orange tree prop.

But wait, the laughter train doesn’t stop there. Nanette Fabray & Harvey Korman step into the spotlight, zealously advocating for Royal Margarine. Everything seems smooth, but an inflated Royal Crown balloon has other plans. Straight onto Korman’s head, it goes! If ever there was a royal blooper, this was it.

Switching gears, we’re introduced to Paul Lynde, the charming TV anchor, with Lyle Waggoner as Ted Tall, the basketball celeb. Their mission? Highlight the “moist” magic of the ‘New Prize Shaving Cream’. All’s going well until Lynde’s hands get a little too touchy. We’re not sure if it was the cream or Waggoner’s face that was irresistible!

Now, remember Vicki’s camera saga? Oh, it continues. The camera beep is still not working, and she can’t complete the commercial. We’re sitting munching popcorn, thoroughly entertained. Carol is back again, now attempting to sell us a Room Freshener. Alas, that fresh scent might be a tad too strong, leading to an unexpected sneezing spree.

Not to be outdone, Harvey Korman and Nanette Fabray make a spirited pitch for the Grand Sandwich Bags, which is not meant for Sandwiches. But the real scene-stealer? That Cleno Detergent ad with Fabray, where Carol Burnett pulls a surprise of her own – the brand-new unopened T-shirt prop! Talk about a washing mishap.

Still, our hearts go out to Vicki. After countless attempts, she seems to finally get a win with the camera. But the universe has one last prank up its sleeve. A flood of unexpected beeps and some… well, let’s call them ‘unique’ photographs.

Rounding things off, we witness a shaving spectacle. Harvey Korman with 17 cab drivers, including the ever-hilarious Paul Lynde. They brave the ‘Click Stainless Steel Blade’, with Lynde surviving the shaving bruise. Smooth move, or should we say smooth shave?

For all commercial blooper enthusiasts, that’s the rundown! This comedic sketch showcases that even the pros have their moments. So, share this hilarious video clip with your friends and family? Who wouldn’t appreciate a hearty laugh from the golden age of television? Go on, spread the joy!

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Carol Burnett\'s Behind-the-Scenes Commercial Blunders Unveiled