Carol Burnett’s hilarious ‘Hitchcock’ parody will get you laughing!

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ paid tribute to the great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. The actors spoof famous scenes and then create their own unique cinematic mystery.

Carol opens the skit with a serious tribute to the filmmaker. Then, the first skit pays tribute to ‘North by Northwest.’ Vicki Lawrence is dangling off the side of a mountain held up by Rich Little. They argue over her affair, but once she professes her love for him, he’s so startled he lets her go, and she falls off the mountain.

The next skit is based on the movie ‘Psycho.’ Vicki Lawrence walks into a bathroom with a mop. She hears the shower, and she walks toward it. When she looks in to check, she screams loudly. Vicki runs out of the room, and a woman walks out of the shower and says, “Hey, well, you’re no raving beauty yourself, you know.”

Rich Little impersonates Alfred Hitchcock to set up the next skit involving Harvey and Carol as husband and wife. When the maid walks in and sees Carol, she screams because she looks so much like Harvey’s dead wife.

Harvey says a portrait of his dead wife is on the wall, but it is turned around. Carol asks him to turn it around, and he says no to be courteous to Carol, but she insists on seeing it.

Harvey turns it around, and Carol screams, saying it looks exactly like her. The picture is an exact resemblance of Carol right down to her outfit. Later, Harvey leans on the table in the dining room as he cries about his dead wife, and then the table breaks as he says, “That good woman is in the ground.”

The table falls apart, and Harvey breaks character and improvises a line, “And so will the man who made this table.” In the end, Carol gets men from an insane asylum to pick up Harvey, and he is taken out the door.

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Carol Burnett\'s hilarious \'Hitchcock\' parody will get you laughing!