Carol Takes A Walk With Apollo, The Most Handsome Stallion You’ll Ever See!

As easy as she makes it look, what Carol does in the following video is not a common sight at all, and it’s for a reason! She’s seen walking casually with her friend Apollo, an enormous and beautiful stallion whose impressive look will leave you stunned! You don’t see something like this every day, even if you live in the countryside and see horses every now and then, a huge and impressive one like Apollo can’t be found in many places at all.

Carol is very much in control in the situation, and Apollo isn’t bothered or upset by anything. In fact, he’s very pleased with the whole thing, as you can see by his attitude and reactions throughout the entire clip.

The proud woman in the video says that not only is Apollo very impressive on the eye, he also has a heart of gold and a very loving and fun personality, and he’s very respectful of every person that he meets. He impresses everyone he meets with his control over his incredible strength. He’s quite the charmer!

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