Carol, Vicki, Lyle, Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, & Nancy Wilson Star in This Hilarious Soap Opera Spoof

“As The Stomach Turns” Soap Opera Parody Shows What Happens When Mourning Becomes A Full-Time JobThis hilarious “Carol Burnett Show” sketch pokes fun at all the ridiculous premises you find in soap operas. In a town where only funerals happen, how do two ladies get to all of them?

Carol and Lucy play professional mourners in a town where everyone’s a widow or a widower. When various people stop by to visit them, they react just as any soap opera character would — with excessive dramatics.

One Youtube commenter had trouble controlling their laughter as they watched this video. “It’s the first time I’ve watched this,” he said, “and I was laughing so hard. I am so glad no neighbor complained as I watched it almost midnight.”