She Carries Her Dog Over To Sick Woman’s Bed. What Happens Next? I’m In TEARS…

When we think of our pets, we all are convinced that our pet is the best and the brightest. We could talk for hours and hours about how wonderful our pet is and how much we love them. While we all have great animals and animals in general are there to try and make you happy there are some people who have been proactive in their search of a great pet and have trained them to be not just a great pet for them but for others as well.

What we’re talking about are animals that are used as service animals. There are thousands of registered and trained dogs all over the country that are used as service dogs, there are many different divisions, but many of us don’t realize that we could get our very own pooch certified. This really is amazing work that these dogs do, we can’t thank them enough.

If you believe your own dog is an amazing gift to others and is able to bring peace and happiness to people you might what to think about them becoming a therapy dog. Therapy dogs go to places like hospitals, nursing homes and hospices and go around to the patients to help brighten their day. And believe me the amount of comfort they provide to people is incredible.

In this featured video you will meet an amazing dog named Baxter. Baxter is the oldest living service dog in the world, he is 19 ½ years old. He has been helping people for the majority of his life and while he no longer can walk, he is still visiting and providing joy for countless patients. His handler has even written a book on how much joy Baxter has been able to provide for people and their story truly is a remarkable one.

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