Cars From Each Decade Drive By. I Couldn’t Choose Which Model Was The Best!

Cars hold a lot of fascination for people. Their level of interests can range from admiring the design to enjoying driving them for a long time to seeing how fast they can go. Some are history buffs, seeing how the car evolved from a vehicle that needed a hand crank to start to one where you can press a button on a remote to start it up on a cold day. This video has something for every car enthusiast.

The video shows each car driving up for a few seconds. We see a side view, one of the hood, the company emblem, a rear view and then the driver waves and drives off. It would have been nice to see the make and the model for those who are not car enthusiasts that watch every single car show on television. It’s hard to suss out the details when we only see each car for like 30 seconds.

At first the cars seemed workmanlike, with the sole intention of getting the driver from point A to Point B with a minimum of risk. Heck, cars didn’t even have power steering until the 1950’s. People must have had some upper body strength before then. Side story: A friend of mine’s power steering went out once. He was NOT a happy camper. The 1950s also marks a change toward style over what’s under the hood.

I had a hard time picking out which one was my favorite car. Then again, it’s also hard to distill each decade into just one model car. There was just too much variety to be able to point to just one and say, “OK, that one is the 1960’s!” This was a good idea, but it was just too condensed and subjective for my taste. I would say that my favorites were either the 1980s or 1990s. Guess what era I grew up in?

How about you? Did you have a favorite? If your model wasn’t in the video, then feel free to list it in the comments below!

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