Cashier sees woman on phone for 2 hours, raises alarm when she goes for gift cards

This video is part of the Ashley Homestore “Feel Good Friday” series. Today’s good news? A local cashier has prevented a lady from being scammed! Reporter Nate Eaton jumps in front of the camera, greeting the audience and introducing his guest, Jessica Clemens.

Jessica works for the Idaho Falls Police Department. Previously in the week, she had received a phone call from the woman who had almost been scammed. The caller let Jessica know that a store employee had managed to help her escape the scammer.

After tracking down the specific employee, Jessica met up with Nate at the store so they could go talk to the employee. After briefly explaining the situation, the duo head inside to go meet Amy, the employee who had stopped the scam.

Inside the store, Nate walks up to Amy and says hello. Introductions over, he asks her to explain what happened. Amy explains that the customer had wandered around the store for about two hours before approaching the register.

Amy sold her $45 worth of gift cards at first, but when the lady returned a little while later with over $200 of gift cards, she knew something was up. By talking with the woman and then to the actual scammer, Amy prevented the lady from losing her money.

Nate presents Amy with a few Amazon gift cards as an extra “thank you” after hearing how Amy’s proactive approach prevented this lady from being scammed. The initial “feel good” story had a happy ending for the customer, but thanks to Nate, Amy’s day got a little better as well!

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