A cashier tells a little girl that her doll ‘doesn’t look like her’. Just check out her answer!

Wisdom does not necessarily go hand in hand with age. Do you agree? I have met a lot of people who are not the wisest despite their older age. I have heard many words of wisdom that come from the most unlikely of sources. Children never cease to amaze me because of how simple they see things in life. For them, what other people might think does not affect the way they see or say things

There’s a little girl that surprised me with the way she sees things at her early age. She is a prime example of what happens when a little intelligent girl like her decides to say what she is thinking. Her name is Sophia and she’s an amazing two years old. Her parents say that her wit is often funnier than surprising to a lot of people.

Her parents took her to Target as a reward for using the potty every day for a month. According to her parents, potty-training her daughter barely took any effort. She seemed to already know what everything was for and what she was supposed to do. The prize for her potty success would be getting a doll at the mall near her house.

When her parents asked Sophia what kind of doll she would like to choose, she said that she wanted a doctor doll. Her parents told her to pick the doctor doll she wanted, and she picked a black doctor doll. Her parents thought it was a great idea and they went to the cashier to pay for it. Her parents have always given her good values and have nurtured the idea of her speaking her mind.

When the cashier saw the doll, she first asked the little girl if the doll was for her or for a friend. Maybe the cashier thought she was on her way to a birthday party. The cashier then asked the little girl if she wanted to pick another doctor doll that looked more like her. It turns out that the little girl has blond hair with bright blue eyes.

Her parents were not surprised at her daughter’s pick, but everyone around them was a little surprised at the question. The girl’s response surprised everyone at the store in the best conceivable way. She told the cashier that both the blonde doll and the black doll were very good doctors and the black doll looked to be very happy.

Everyone there was as pleasantly surprised as I was. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the video to get the full scoop on this incredibly wise little girl!