Cat only accepts takeaway food in a bag – why and where she takes it is incredible

When we see an animal in distress and want to help it, usually we come to its aid first by providing some food. And more often than not, said animal will devour anything put in front of it – especially if it hasn’t eaten in some time. Stray cats and dogs, in particular, will usually polish off whatever scraps they can find – but this cat was curiously different. It was only ever excepting takeaway food in a bag.

Now ordinarily, beggars can’t be choosers, or so the saying goes. But this feline refused every other morsel of food placed on her doorstep, waiting instead to only be given grub that was wrapped in a carrier bag. Even when she was offered something literally on a plate, the cat wouldn’t pay any heed and wait for someone to give her exactly what she was looking for. Only then did she accept the donation.

But she didn’t eat it – she simply picked it up and disappeared down the side streets of the city. Time and time again the cat would return, and only leave when it was offered a takeaway meal all nicely wrapped and packaged. Humans were beginning to get a little suspicious – and they decided to follow this strange stray.

The cat, known locally as Dongsuk, led some curious individuals on a maze through the back streets until they discovered the reason she needed to be able to transport the food. It came to light that the poor animal has recently given birth to a litter of kittens, of which there was only one left. Perhaps she hadn’t been able to feed them all, or they had been stolen or disappeared, but this momma cat was determined to keep her last baby fed and protected. Every day, she brought a new offering of leftover takeaway food, conveniently bagged up so she could carry it to her little one!

It must have been a touching moment when the humans who shot this amazing footage realised what was happening, and soon the video went viral. Not only that, but some very kind-hearted people decided that this cat and her kitten weren’t going to live on the streets anymore and fend for themselves, and lovingly adopted them to provide a forever home! What a wonderfully happy ending to their story!

Watch this remarkable video below and share with the cat lovers in your life! We hope Dongsuk and her kitten never have to go hungry again!