Does Your Cat Always Do These Things? Find Out What They Actually Mean

Cats are great pets and it’s no wonder they’re number one in the national popularity contest, beating out man’s best friend, the dog. Their behavior, however, is sometimes bizarre and inexplicable.

Kneading is a charming behavior and it’s how cats show you they’re relaxed and trusting you. It’s based on powerful memories from their earliest days: kittens knead to stimulate milk flow from their mother. Another way cats show their love is by headbutting, or “bunting.” Cats have scent glads all over, and when they headbutt, they’re marking you. Speaking of smelling things, cat owners are often annoyed by their cat’s insistence on sticking their rear end right in their face. Far from being rude, the cat is greeting you. It’s how cats greet each other, too. If a cat sits around with its legs splayed, this is also nothing rude: the cat is just indicating that it trusts you.

Cats spend more than two-thirds of their time sleeping. Kittens sleep even more; it’s when their bodies release growth hormones, enabling them to grow up healthy and strong. When cats are awake, they sometimes, with no warning, and for no obvious reason, run around like maniacs. They’re just getting exercise. Besides exercise, cats need attention. When a cat lies down on whatever you’re reading or working on, it’s pure attention-seeking.

It can be frustrating to give a cat food and have it ignored. Often, the cat simply isn’t hungry. Another possibility is that they can’t even see it. Cats have a blind spot right under their noses and their close-range eyesight isn’t the greatest. When cats hunt, or pretend to, they wiggle their hindquarters vigorously before springing. It looks crazy, but the cat is just adjusting its balance. Finally, why do cats bury their poop? Pure instinct. In the wild, cats do it to hide their presence from larger predators. If your cat isn’t burying it, they might be feeling unwell or possibly angry with you.

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