A Cat Approached A Street Musician. What Happens Next Is Completely AMAZING!

Meet James, an ordinary street musician and performer who has been making a living on the streets for a while. His life changed forever when he met a stray cat named Bob, and as the following video will show you, it’s something really miraculous! After finding Bob in his apartment, he took care of him and made sure that the cat was healthy and safe. After he had recovered, he took him to the streets with him to perform, and what happened next shocked everyone!

After bystanders started noticing that Bob was enjoying James’s music as he played, he started gathering everyone’s attention. His tips raised much more than ever, and more than money, he was able to strike up conversation and meet many different people. His entire life turned for the better, and it was just thanks to the help of his new feline best friend. So adorable!

James decided to write a book about his experiences with Bob, and the way he made his life completely better in a very short time. That’s when things started changing even more drastically for them. Cheers to James and the loyal Bob cat!

Watch these two friends in this cute cat video!

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