“This Kitty Rings A Bell To Get A Special Treat. Now What WHAT He Does When The Treats Run Out! LOL”

Who is being trained in the video? Cat or human? Just goes to show: You can’t fool a cat. They’re just too smart for us!

Alright, so the video starts off on the back porch with a very handsome, well-dressed kitty. In front her is a bell. You know, like the kind in hotels… The kind of bell you ring whenever you want service. And this smart cat knows how it works. She demands service (and treats!).

So, when she rings the bell, her human servant (haha) gives her a sweet kitty treat. Ding! Treat. Ding! Treat! Ding! Treat. This cat knows how it works and she has her mommy well trained.

So what happens when her mommy tells her all the treats are gone? She demands service! This cat is just too smart to be fooled. She knows her mommy is bluffing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwxSlDg-0DQ Share this video with your friends on Facebook today and give them a little chuckle — and let everyone know: You can’t fool a smart cat!