This Cat Is Called The Alien Cat, And When I Saw It? My Jaw Dropped To The Floor, OMG!

Get ready to feast your eyes on 13 of the world’s rarest and proudest breeds of cats. If you’re a cat lover, you love them all, and how can you say no to the rarest? Here we go!

At number 13 is the Minskin, which is almost a miniature version of the number 1 rarest breed of all, the Sphynx. The Sphynx is of course the cat of hairlessness fame, but as we will learn in this clip, this breed is not exactly hairless, only that the coat of hair is so short it’s almost invisible. Did the world’s most famous Sphynx belong to Dr Evil, the nemesis of Austin Powers?

At number 12 is the Serengeti. This rare breed has the markings reminiscent of a leopard, but it was actually developed from domestic cats. The commentator then started to gloat over the Burmilla’s (number 11 on the list) average selling price of $525.

The Norwegian Forest Cat comes in at number 10. Counting down to number 9 is the Devon Rex, also known as the pixie cat or the alien cat! Go down one more, at number 8, is the Chartreux – the commentator had a problem with the French pronunciation there, hehe.

After that, the more info section of the YouTube page listed detailed descriptions on the breeds rated 7th rarest to the rarest. The only one that we have a problem with is at number 5, the Caracal. As far as we know, the Caracal is not a domesticated breed. It’s a bit odd to see it on this list.

Do you know anyone who owns a Caracal or any of the other rare breeds on this list? We’d be very curious to know. Use the comments section below to share your thoughts.

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