As Ominous Music Plays, This Tiny Kitten Fends Off Something Terrifying

There’s quite a lot of people who have animals living with them in their homes. Cuteness is just one of their many perks, and their loyalty and companionship make them invaluable for every family that is graced with their presence. Pets can fulfill an unimaginable amount of roles and tasks as a family member, and their relentless sense of duty and belonging makes them the best there is.

The following video gives us a short but important glimpse of the effects of having a pet living with you at home. An adorable and cuddly kitten is seen as she finds an intruder in her beloved human’s home. She approaches the stranger with lots of caution and patience and is very careful to see if the new guy is a potential threat.


After the intruder starts moving, she reacts quickly and retreats without giving him a chance to close into her, and is very agile and quick enough to chase him around even when she’s obviously scared to death. Animals always have hilarious reactions to every new thing that they meet, and when they’re still babies, these reactions can often be hilarious.

This little kitten takes on the challenge and overcomes his fear, though. The ominous music playing in the background is just a bonus that adds to the utter hilarity of this video. Wait until you see this frightening ‘creature’ that has our kitten jumping and running.

As Ominous Music Plays, This Tiny Kitten Fends Off Something Terrifying