Cat Was Caught Doing A Strange Sound, But What He Does When He Gets Caught? WOW!

There’s no denying that, of all of the furry friends you see on a regular basis, cats are some of the strangest, and funniest. There’s just too many curious things they can do, and since each one of them has their own distinct personality, you never know what to expect. Even after years of living with them, they still have surprises to show us, and they have no limit for their weirdness. Just look at the kitty in the video below!

After hearing some strange noises coming from inside their house, a cat parent got to investigate with their camera in hand, and they found one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen lately! The cat was caught barking and acting just like a dog, while looking outside through a window.

What’s even more weird is that, after realizing that he had been caught in the act, he does the strangest thing: he goes right back to acting like a typical cat, in an instant! You might think, “but how is that weird?”, but think about it. Did he actually feel ashamed of being caught acting like a dog, as if it was his guilty pleasure? One thing’s for sure: his new talent is adorable!

Watch this kitty for yourself in the clip right below.

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