This Cat Was Being Chased. Then This Happened? NOTHING Prepared Me For THIS Surprise!

Most of the people think that dogs are easier to train than cats. Well… it might be true in most of the cases, but not in this one! This video features a really intelligent cat named Didga who has won millions of hearts with her hilarious and amazing antics. She is the internet sensation who has proved that if trained properly cats too can achieve the goals that dogs can!

In the following video, we can see Didga delivering various tricks. She can perform simple tricks like rolling over, to the advanced tricks like playing skateboard. We can also see her crossing the pond with the help of a surfing board. Didga loves performing tricks, but most of all she adores playing with her canine friends.

Didga really is a smart cat. Don’t you agree? Write us your thoughts in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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