Cat And Chipmunk Meet In Yard. I Was Stunned At What Happened Next.

It seems like a scene straight out of a nature show. A predator and prey meet face to face… and then the game is afoot! Who will – wait. The predator has no interest in chasing this prey? Are you sure? He may be hurt. No? He’s just lazy? Perhaps he ate a meal beforehand. Well, it’s hard to verify that just from a video. Maybe if he had food crumb on his face… Actually, this type of scenario happened between a cat and a chipmunk.

The two of them meet in what looks like a decorative stone footbridge in a yard. The cat is a fluffy grey mix of some kind. The chipmunk just stands there, unsure of what to do. Perhaps its life is busy flashing before its eyes. “Ah. Those peanuts I had the other day were SO good. I wish I could have fit more of them inside the pouch.” Then the chipmunk seems to realize that he’s in no danger.

Eager to please, the cat shows the chipmunk that he’s friendly by laying down. Curious, the little fellow gets closer and even jumps on top of the cat. Talk about putting your head in the lion’s mouth… This is a very hairy cat, so there’s plenty of room for the chipmunk to burrow himself into. The cat doesn’t mind at all, either. Maybe there’s an itch the chipmunk’s tiny little claws can scratch. Then the two start resting next to each other.

The accompanying video is about a semi-related story that we actually wrote about before – a squirrel fell from a tree and was adopted by a family whose cat had recently birthed kittens. The cat accepted the squirrel into the family. This little guy even purrs! It’s adorable – though he will never be able to go out into the wild again, since he would be eaten by one of his new “brethren.”

Wasn’t this all so cute? There should be a disclaimer on this, though: Results not typical. 99% of the time, that chipmunk becomes a kitty meal. What did you think? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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