“How To Care For Your Human’ — Too Cute!”

In this installment of the series Dear Kitten the wise male kitty is giving detail information to the family kitten on a subject he feels is quite important. That subject is bathing your human owner.

Yes, we think we have to bathe our pets including in some cases our kitties. But did you ever stop to wonder if maybe a kitty might think they have to bathe us. This is what is addressed here with this kitty giving instructions to the younger kitten.

The kitty further explains that this is the way to bathe their humans, usually while they are laying down.

This is kind of funny to watch, but when we stop to think about it, this does kind of make sense. How does a kitty normally clean themselves and their kittens? By licking themselves, of course. So, maybe when they are licking their owners especially in the middle of the night maybe they might be up to more than just showing affection.

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