Cat Climbs Into And Curls Up In Teacup. This Is No Ordinary Cat or Teacup Though… SO CUTE!

There’s a certain type of cat called a “Teacup Kitten”. They are purposely bred to be small. Some people want them to stay a certain size… like those people that also get Yorkies so they can just carry them around in bags that are slug over their shoulders. It’s like they want them to stay eternally a kitten. This video shows that even larger cats can fit into teacups… although the cups have to be a bit bigger too.

We see a cat named Jumbo Pillow. That’s your first clue that he’s not what you would definite as a “Teacup Kitten”. Any animal that has a name that starts with Jumbo is NOT going to be a delicate waif… unless the name was bestowed on them ironically, like naming a Chihuahua that. The irony there is funny for about the first five minutes of hearing it… Still, he’s climbing into this large teacup.

It gets even cuter at the end of the video. Jumbo Pillow curls up inside the teacup and there are a series fo photos at the end that will make your heart just melt. There’s just something about boxes and cups that cats seem to like climbing into. Who knows why… it’s not like we can climb into their brains to get their thought processes. I think they would go like this: “Must sit… Can I fit? Yes… yes I can. Nap time!”

The video does caution about getting teacup kittens, since sometimes the breeders use questionable methods and the kittens wind up being the runts of the litter, who then have physical problems, like hernias and other issues. So ,the result can be a lot of trips to the vet… which then cost a lot of money. If if you want a teacup kitten… get a very large teacup that can hold any cat.

I thought Jumbo Pillow was so precious… didn’t you? I might have to get some bigger teacups and see whay my two cats do with them. It’d be fun to photograph the results. Do you have Teacup Kittens? What has been your experience with them? Feel free to tell us in the comments. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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