Their cat comes home and brings a special friend – This will melt your heart!

I always have a lot of fun when I see my son bring home one of his friends for lunch or to play. He does this every single month. Sometimes it will be a friend from school or someone from the neighborhood. I am actually glad that he can make many friends and very easily. Back when I was a kid, I was very shy and had a tough time making new friends.

My parents encouraged me to bring these friends home because they saw how I struggled to meet new people. They used to tell me that a good conversation starter would be to tell them that my mother baked the best cakes in the neighborhood and that she would be baking one that day. This strategy never failed because after all, who doesn’t like cake?

My mother baked cakes and cookies almost every day. We had a small bakery and sold cookies to many businesses and schools. My mother was kind of known for her baking prowess and people who visited our home and had my mother’s cookies would always return for more. Thanks to her, I managed to make new friends and that helped me boost my self-confidence.

Once I was in high school, I was a lot more open to meeting new people and would bring my friends home for dinner every now and then. My mother suggested that I learn to cook, “You never know when you will need it,” she said. I already knew how to bake some cakes, so learning to cook was not that difficult for me.

Once I started working, I also bought some sofas for the TV room. This is where my friends and I would get together and watch TV or play video games. The only condition I had for using this room was that I needed to clean afterward. My friends were very nice, and they sometimes even helped me clean up. They came to visit every other week and I would go to visit them as often as I could.

Once I had my own kids, I told my son the same thing. Fortunately, my son is not as shy as I was growing up, but I am very glad when he manages to make a new friend. Although I know how to bake and cook, my wife is the one who takes care of the entertaining in the house while I am working. She is also very encouraging of him and we hope he grows up to be the same way.

The man in the following video is about to get an unexpected visit. This interesting visitor was brought by no other than the man’s cat! When he hears noises outside, he assumes it is his cat. He takes his camera because he is always recording his cat doing funny things. Wait until you see the new friend he has brought!