This Kitten Is Having A Bad Dream. Wait Till You See What Mom Does!

Watch how this cat cuddles her son to make the bad dreams go away!

Cats like to cuddle (when they want to). If you are a cat owner, you can think of a number of times your tiny feline barged into your personal space to cuddle next to you. To cats, the time or the place really doesn’t matter. They just cuddle whenever they feel like it. Though it might be a bit inconvenient sometimes, this habit gets really endearing.

This video features a momma cat and her tiny kitten, sleeping and cuddling next to each other. But then the little kitten starts swatting his paws in the air. It looks like he is having a bad dream. That’s when his mom comes to the rescue and gives him a hug. You are going to melt when you see her putting her paws around him to pull him closer.

Watch this adorable video! What did you think of this sweet gesture? Let us know in the comments!