Cat-dad spends hours each day caring for asthmatic cat

John was a dad to two amazing cats, Liam and Momo. After the family had Liam for about a year or two, they started to see asthma signs. After a couple of tests, the vet diagnosed him with asthma and told the family that the cat would eventually have to be on inhalers.

The cat-dad took care of all the needs of the sick cat. John made sure that Liam got the dose of inhaler twice a day. It was difficult for John to believe that without the inhalers, his cat would have issues and would not survive.

It was really a very scary situation for the cat lover. However, at the back of his mind, all that mattered was to make sure that his pet, Liam, had a good quality of life.

The doctors had also advised the pet owner that he would be less active as his cat would be on inhalers. In fact, Liam started to love food more and gained weight. So, the vet asked the owner to watch the cat’s diet.

The weight gain actually started to show up after a year of using inhalers for Liam. The more weight he put on, it put more pressure on his lungs, and that was when it became harder for him to breathe.

This was when John started to think about an exercise program with Liam. Momo, his other cat, loved the exercise wheel, but Liam never liked it at first. So on the first day, he just sat on the exercise wheel and would not budge at all.

Gradually with a lot of patience and hard work, the owner helped Liam from not walking on the wheel to slightly walking on it and then actually walking and getting some laps in. It was significant progress for the cat. John had started to teach him how to jump in and out of the room. Liam and his family had an incredible bond. John could do anything for him. He was happy that the exercise directly benefited asthma.

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Cat-dad spends hours each day caring for asthmatic cat